Founder of The Luxury Vegan, Dominique Side is who celebrities and power-brands trust when they want to transition to luxury, ethical living.  A powerful force in the modern vegan movement, Dominique has become an iconic figure in the space and amassed a cult following for her impactful work.

About Dominique Side

Dominique Side stands at the forefront of eco-innovation, redefining the intersection between luxury and sustainability. As a black female serial entrepreneur with a compassionate core, Dominique has spearheaded multiple eco-friendly, multi-million dollar ventures, solidifying her stance as a formidable force in sustainable business.

Also known as Vgn Bae, Dominique is a world leading specialist in luxury ethical living. A powerful force in the modern vegan movement, Dominique has become an iconic figure in the space and amassed a cult following for her impactful work. Dominique is an accomplished entrepreneur who has grown several multi-million-dollar businesses within the compassionate living space including a vegan grocery store, sustainably engineered recording studio, vegan fashion label, and compassionate consulting company.

As the co-founder of the 7-figure entrepreneurial multiplex VgnBae Studios and serial entrepreneur, her mission is to inspire and support other change-makers and influencers to transition to a compassionate-based vegan lifestyle, without compromising on their luxury quality of life.

As a music artist and highly successful serial entrepreneur, Dominique understands first-hand the complexities that come from navigating the transition to compassionate-based veganism while maintaining an elevated lifestyle.

Dominique is the Founder and designer behind Nikki Green, a luxury vegan women’s ready-to-wear collection. This is the first-ever black woman-owned luxury vegan fashion brand that is both opulent, sustainably sourced, and expertly combines compassionate living with high fashion.

Dominique is embarking on her most ambitious project to date with The Luxury Vegan Show. Combining her consulting work with elite individuals and brands to integrate veganism, her work as a sought-after influencer, brand ambassador and speaker, and her VgnBae Studios, The Luxury Vegan Show is set to impact the luxury market through its beautifully produced show celebrating celebrity guests, luxury brands, and aligned partnerships.

Dominique is the global voice of compassion without ever compromising on a luxury lifestyle.


Dominique Side is single-handedly leading a revolution for the luxury, fashion, vegan and sustainability industries. Bringing together her deep knowledge of business, creativity, entrepreneurship, luxury business models and her passion for sustainability and veganism, Dominique has become the go-to speaker and presenter on topics around luxury lifestyle and sustainability.

Dominique can speak on almost any vegan, luxury business and sustainability topic including in-the-news topics, innovation and technology, and future consumer practice. Her core topics are:

  • Redefining Luxury: The Intersection of Sustainability and Style
  • Sustainable Fashion: A New Paradigm for Luxury Brands
  • Reshaping Consumer Experience: A Sustainable, Consumer Led Approach
  • The Future of Luxury: Sustainability and the Next Generation of Consumers
  • Sustainability and Style: A Cultural Shift in Fashion
  • Inclusivity and Diversity in Entrepreneurship
  • Fashion for Good: The Role of Sustainable Brands in Environmental Conservation
  • Revolutionizing Marketing in the Fashion Industry: The Nikki Green Approach
  • Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage
  • The Rise of Veganism in Popular Culture: Celebrities and Influencers Leading the Way
  • Vegan Entrepreneurship: Success Stories and Opportunities in the Plant-Based Market

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Recognised as the world’s leading Vegan Luxury Influencer, Dominique Side proudly works alongside the brilliant teams at global companies, is a regular on red carpets for major global events, and is front row at luxury fashion events around the world.

Dominique gives space to deeply formed brand collaborations and partnerships with both local and international brands.

Her ambassadorships are associated with outstanding results for both her brand partners and clients alike.

Dominique is often cited for a compassionate perspective on luxury for a global audience. Dominique has been profiled in luxury fashion and lifestyle publications, and and has appeared on major stages and on TV to showcase her expertise in merging luxury and veganism for food, interior design, fashion and personal style.

Dominique is a regular guest at high profile events and activities for the UHNW in the US, UK, Europe and Asia, and continues to be a highly sought-after representative of the luxury vegan space globally at design, lifestyle and fashion events.

Dominique is represented globally by Iconic Influencers.  To book Dominique or inquire, please send us an email via the button below.


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