Top Celebrities Who Are Vegan: Stars Embracing the Plant-Based Revolution

Top Celebrities Who Are Vegan: Stars Embracing the Plant-Based Revolution

In an era where the influence of public figures is more powerful than ever, a growing number of celebrities are using their platforms for a profound purpose – advocating for a plant-based lifestyle. We’re shining a light on renowned personalities who are not only adopting veganism but are also actively promoting this compassionate lifestyle: our Luxury Vegans. This article delves into the stories of these influential figures, exploring how their choice to forgo animal products extends beyond personal health benefits to broader considerations of environmental sustainability and animal welfare. From Hollywood A-listers and chart-topping musicians to renowned athletes and influential entrepreneurs, these celebrities are leading by example, showing that veganism is a viable and ethical choice. Join us as we uncover the inspiring journeys of these stars, whose commitment to a plant-based diet is helping to shape public perception and drive forward the vegan movement.


  • Celebrities like Joaquin Phoenix and Billie Eilish are using their fame to actively promote veganism, advocating for animal rights, and influencing public opinion on plant-based living.
  • Vegan celebrities integrate their diet into broader lifestyle choices, which often includes environmental advocacy, such as Woody Harrelson’s commitment to sustainability or Natalie Portman’s investment in vegan leather alternatives.
  • Whether for health reasons, like Venus Williams and her autoimmune disease, or ethical concerns, like Elliot Page’s stance against animal exploitation, various celebs have found compelling reasons to adopt a vegan lifestyle.
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Joaquin Phoenix

First on our list is Joaquin Phoenix, a vegan celebrity who’s been championing the cause long before it was on trend. Phoenix was only three when a fishing trip shook him to his core. Witnessing the brutal end of a fish’s life sparked a lifelong commitment to animal rights and a plant-based diet.

A beacon in the vegan movement, Phoenix is known to use his spotlight to amplify his vegan message. He’s not just talking the talk, either. From appearing in PETA ads to attending protests and vigils, Phoenix is hands-on in the fight for animal rights.

The highlight of his activism perhaps came during his Oscar acceptance speech in 2020. He took the opportunity to raise awareness about the dairy industry, challenging viewers to empathize with the natural world. Far from being a one-off, Phoenix followed this up by freeing cows from a slaughterhouse after his win.

Phoenix’s advocacy hasn’t gone unnoticed. His striking good looks and his unwavering commitment to animal rights have landed him on many lists of beautiful vegan celebrities. But for Phoenix, it’s not about the accolades. It’s about using his influence to create a better world for all beings, human and non-human alike.

Embodying a plant-based lifestyle and actively advocating for animal rights, Phoenix exemplifies how celebrities can leverage their influence positively. Getty images showcase numerous instances of his dedication to the cause.

Joaquin Phoenix Editorial credit: Fred Duval /

Billie Eilish

Next on our list is Billie Eilish, a pop sensation who’s not only changing the music scene but also challenging societal norms around food. Raised vegetarian, Eilish decided to go vegan at 12, driven by her love for animals and concerns about animal agriculture.

Her passion for animal rights doesn’t stop at her plate. Eilish actively uses her massive social media following to spotlight the issues within the animal agriculture industry. She’s been known to share videos exposing the dark side of the dairy industry, encouraging her millions of followers to go vegan.

Eilish’s advocacy extends beyond her own diet. She’s collaborated with vegan brands and even designed a vegan shoe line, proving that you can be stylish without compromising on your ethical beliefs.

Eilish’s firm position on animal rights and dedication to promoting veganism not only motivate her fans but also disrupt the music industry’s norms. She’s a testament to the power of young people in driving social change, one vegan meal at a time.

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Kourtney Kardashian, the well-known television personality and member of the famous Kardashian-Jenner clan, has embraced a vegan lifestyle, making conscious choices to align her diet with her values. Her journey towards veganism reflects a commitment to a plant-based diet that excludes animal products, emphasizing the importance of cruelty-free living and the positive impact on one’s health and the environment. Kourtney’s public advocacy for veganism has inspired many of her followers to explore the benefits of plant-based eating, showcasing her role as a prominent figure in the world of celebrity vegans.

Her husband, Travis Barker, the renowned musician and drummer known for his work with bands like Blink-182 and collaborations with numerous artists, is a committed vegan. His vegan lifestyle is a reflection of his dedication to animal welfare and a conscious choice to exclude animal products from his diet. Travis has openly shared his vegan journey, advocating for a plant-based lifestyle’s health and environmental benefits. As a prominent figure in the music industry, his decision to go vegan has inspired many fans and fellow musicians to consider plant-based living, demonstrating the influence of celebrities in promoting ethical and sustainable choices.

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On the list of committed vegans, musician Moby is a name that stands out. Turning vegan in 1987, Moby has been a stalwart in the vegan movement for over three decades. His passion for animal rights and his commitment to the vegan lifestyle has inspired many and continues to do so.

Moby’s commitment extends beyond his personal lifestyle choices. He’s made significant contributions to the vegan community, most notably by:

  • Opening his vegan restaurant, Little Pine, located in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles
  • Offering a wide variety of delicious vegan food that challenges the stereotype of vegan cuisine
  • Creating a haven for vegans and food lovers alike
  • Believing in the power of good food to bring about change

Little Pine’s success is a testament to Moby’s commitment to the cause.

But his contributions don’t stop at serving vegan meals. Moby is also known for:

  • his outspoken vegan messages
  • his unwavering commitment to animal activism
  • sporting vegan tattoos
  • producing a vegan documentary

Moby’s impact on the vegan movement is nothing short of phenomenal.

Although his real name is Richard Melville Hall, he is predominantly recognized by his stage name, Moby. An American DJ, songwriter, and musician, Moby has made a name for himself in the music industry. But his influence extends far beyond his music. His enduring commitment to veganism and animal rights makes him a role model for many in the vegan community.

Moby Editorial credit: bahadir aydin /

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman, known for her roles in ‘Star Wars’ and Marvel’s ‘Thor’, is another beautiful vegan celebrity who’s made a significant impact in the vegan movement. Portman was inspired to go vegan in 2011 after reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s book “Eating Animals”.

Portman’s commitment to ethical living extends beyond her diet. An outspoken advocate for women’s rights, she often draws parallels between the exploitation of female bodies in humans and animals. Her WE Day speech, where she talked about the exploitation in the production of animal products like eggs and milk, is still remembered for its powerful message.

During the quarantine, Portman took to social media to share vegan cooking videos, encouraging people to try a plant-based diet in a fun and practical way. She also made a significant investment in MycoWorks, a company that makes vegan leather from mushrooms, showing her commitment to sustainable and ethical options.

Through her commitment to plant-based living, passion for animal rights, and pragmatic approach to veganism, Portman emerges as a forceful advocate for the cause. Her activism and her influence as a public figure have helped bring veganism into the mainstream, encouraging more people to consider a vegan lifestyle.

Whether it’s through her acting, her activism, or her investments, Portman is making a difference in the vegan movement. She’s a shining example of how celebrities can use their platforms to promote ethical living and make a positive impact on the world.

Natalie Portman Editorial credit: Denis Makarenko /

Woody Harrelson

Veteran actor Woody Harrelson, known for his roles in ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘True Detective’, has been a passionate vegan for over 30 years. His decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle was driven by health reasons and a desire to prevent animal exploitation.

Harrelson’s advocacy for a plant-based diet and animal rights has been a potent driver in the vegan movement. His influence has led other celebrities, like Thandiwe Newton and Sadie Sink, to embrace a vegan lifestyle.

Harrelson is not only a passionate animal rights advocate but also an environmentalist. He is known for promoting sustainable living and practices what he preaches. From living in a solar-powered community to using eco-friendly materials on set, Harrelson’s commitment to the environment is as strong as his commitment to veganism.

In addition to his environmentalism, Harrelson’s commitment to animal welfare is unwavering. He’s known for his active participation in animal rights protests and his outspoken criticism of factory farming. His dedication to the cause has made him one of the most influential vegan celebrities.

Harrelson proves to be a compelling force in the vegan movement, with his prolonged commitment to veganism, advocacy for animal rights, and environmental activism. His influence continues to inspire others to consider a vegan lifestyle and to take action for animal rights.

Woody Harrelson Editorial credit: Denis Makarenko /

Alicia Silverstone

Actress Alicia Silverstone, best known for her role in the 90s cult classic ‘Clueless’, is not only a vegan celebrity but also a passionate animal rights activist. Silverstone decided to go vegan in 1998 after realizing the cruelty involved in eating animals.

Since then, Silverstone has taken her advocacy to a whole new level. She’s:

  • raised her son as a vegan
  • posed nude for a PETA campaign
  • partnered with Farm Sanctuary on Mother’s Day 2022 to raise awareness against factory farm cruelty.

But her activism doesn’t stop at campaigning. Silverstone has also penned two books on veganism: ‘The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet’ and ‘The Kind Mama.’ These books offer practical advice for those considering a plant-based diet and offer insights into Silverstone’s personal journey with veganism.

Silverstone’s dedication to veganism and fervent advocacy for animal rights have established her as a notable figure within the vegan community. Her books, her activism, and her example as a vegan parent are inspiring others to consider a vegan lifestyle.

Silverstone’s journey as a vegan and an animal rights activist shows the power of personal conviction in driving social change. Her work continues to inspire many and has made a significant impact in promoting a plant-based lifestyle.

Alicia Silverstone Editorial credit: Ron Adar /

Ellen Pompeo

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Ellen Pompeo is another celebrity who’s embraced the vegan lifestyle. Pompeo went vegan for health reasons and to reduce her environmental impact. Her decision was influenced by Dr. Kristi Funk, a breast cancer surgeon and author.

Since then, Pompeo has been using her social media platforms to promote plant-based eating and sustainable living. She regularly shares vegan meals and eco-friendly lifestyle choices with her followers, encouraging them to consider a more sustainable way of living.

Pompeo’s dedication to a vegan lifestyle and promotion of sustainable living demonstrate how personal choices can drive positive change. Her example is inspiring her fans and followers to consider their own impact on the environment and to make more sustainable choices.

Pompeo’s journey as a vegan is a testament to the power of personal conviction and the potential of celebrities to influence social change. Her commitment to a plant-based diet and sustainable living is inspiring others to take action for their health and the environment.

Ellen Pompeo Editorial credit: DFree /


Grammy award-winning artist Lizzo made the switch to a vegan diet in 2020. Known for her infectious energy and body positivity, Lizzo has brought her unique brand of fun and authenticity to the vegan community. Lizzo uses her platform to:

  • Share her vegan journey
  • Encourage others to consider a plant-based diet
  • Regularly share vegan recipes on TikTok, showcasing the diversity and deliciousness of vegan food.

While Lizzo’s vegan journey is relatively new, she’s already experienced significant health benefits. She’s spoken about how her vegan diet makes her feel great and has recommended it for its health perks. Lizzo’s shift to a vegan lifestyle, coupled with her dedication to sharing her journey with fans, is having a profound impact. Her fun-loving approach to veganism is challenging stereotypes and encouraging more people to consider a plant-based diet.

Lizzo Editorial credit: Ben Houdijk /

Venus Williams

Venus Williams, a tennis legend, adopted a plant-based diet after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Sjogren’s syndrome. The shift to a vegan diet was not only a health necessity but also a decision that had a profound impact on her athletic performance.

Williams’s dedication to a plant-based food diet has enhanced not only her health but also her tennis performance. She credits her plant-based diet for her increased energy levels and improved mood.

Williams’ approach to veganism goes beyond just eating plant-based foods. She believes in adding fun to the vegan diet and is an advocate for the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Her journey as a vegan athlete has been inspirational to many, both inside and outside the sports world.

Williams is not only a vegan athlete but also a businesswoman. She’s invested in vegan brands, showing her commitment to promoting a vegan lifestyle beyond her personal choices.

Williams’ journey with veganism shows the power of a plant-based diet in managing health conditions and improving athletic performance. Her example is inspiring others to consider the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle, including the raw vegan diet, and to make more informed choices about their diet, whether to eat meat or opt for a plant-based alternative, such as a vegetarian diet.

Venus Williams Editorial credit: FRANCESCO PANUNZIO /

Elliot Page

Acclaimed actor Elliot Page has been a committed vegan for over a decade. His decision to go vegan was a conscious choice to support animal rights and to challenge the exploitation of animals in the food industry.

Page first spoke about being vegan in a tweet in 2011, making him one of the earliest celebrities to openly discuss their vegan lifestyle. His commitment to veganism and his advocacy for animal rights earned him the title of PETA’s world’s sexiest vegan in 2014.

Page is known for his outspoken criticism of the food industry’s treatment of animals. He’s called out the inhumane factory farming process and has been vocal about the need for more ethical and sustainable food practices.

Page’s dedication to veganism and his advocacy for animal rights have left a significant imprint on the vegan community. His example shows the power of personal conviction in driving social change and challenging industry norms.

Page’s journey as a vegan and an animal rights advocate is a testament to the power of personal choices in driving social change. His advocacy for animal rights and his commitment to a vegan lifestyle continue to inspire others to consider more ethical and sustainable food choices.

Elliot Page Editorial credit: Tinseltown /

Spotlight on Change: Top Celebrities Who Are Embracing the Plant-Based Revolution

As we’ve seen, the plant-based revolution is gaining momentum, and celebrities are leading the charge. From long-term vegans like Joaquin Phoenix and Moby to those who’ve recently made the switch like Lizzo, each celebrity on our list has made a significant contribution to promoting a vegan lifestyle.

Their advocacy extends beyond just their diet. They’re using their platforms to raise awareness about animal rights, to challenge industry norms, and to promote sustainable and ethical living. Their commitment to the cause is inspiring others to consider a vegan lifestyle and to make more informed choices about their diet and lifestyle.

While their reasons for going vegan may differ, the impact they’re having is clear. They’re not only changing perceptions about veganism but also challenging the status quo in their respective industries. Their stories show that a vegan lifestyle is not only possible but also beneficial for our health, the animals, and the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Leonardo DiCaprio A vegan?

It’s still unclear whether Leonardo DiCaprio is a vegan, but his investments in plant-based products show that he is supportive of veganism for its environmental benefits.

What famous person is vegan?

Woody Harrelson is a famous vegan who has been following a plant-based diet for over 30 years. His influence has led others, such as Liam Hemsworth and Sadie Sink, to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

Are Beyonce and Jay Z vegan?

Yes, Beyoncé and Jay-Z follow a mostly plant-based, vegan diet. Beyoncé eats a plant-based breakfast daily and no meat on Mondays, while Jay-Z eats two plant-based meals a day.

Does Kim Kardashian eat vegan?

Yes, Kim Kardashian follows a mostly vegan diet to help manage her psoriasis symptoms. This diet has been beneficial for her in managing the condition.

Why did Joaquin Phoenix go vegan?

Joaquin Phoenix went vegan because he witnessed fish being killed in a brutal manner when he was just three years old, and it had a lasting impact on him.

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