Most Vegan-Friendly Cities for Plant-Based Luxury Bliss in 2024

As we step into 2024, the landscape of vegan travel has evolved dramatically, unveiling a world where luxury and plant-based living merge in the most vibrant cities across the globe. In this journey, we explore the most vegan-friendly cities that have become havens for luxury vegans – those who seek not just ethical dining and lifestyle choices, but also the opulence and comfort of high-end experiences. These dynamic urban centers have risen to prominence, offering a rich tapestry of gourmet vegan restaurants, luxurious cruelty-free accommodations, and exclusive, compassionate leisure activities. From the bustling streets of cosmopolitan capitals to the quaint charm of lesser-known gems, each city on our list has crafted a unique identity, making them must-visit destinations for the discerning vegan traveler in 2024. Join us as we embark on a journey through these vegan-friendly locales, where indulgence and sustainability coexist in perfect harmony.


  • Cities around the world are embracing the vegan lifestyle, with an increase in vegan restaurants, festivals, and shops offering plant-based options and products.
  • Vegan dining has evolved to include a wide variety of options, from street food and casual eateries to fine dining establishments with innovative, gourmet vegan cuisine.
  • The vegan revolution isn’t limited to food – it also extends to accommodations, events, and local communities, with vegan-friendly hotels, festivals, and social groups popping up globally.

Exploring the Global Vegan Landscape: Cities Leading the Plant-Based Revolution

The vegan revolution is gaining traction in cities from bustling metropolises to quaint towns. What was once a niche lifestyle choice has now gained mainstream acceptance, and cities worldwide are proudly flaunting their vegan credentials. With more vegan restaurants opening and existing establishments expanding their vegan options, the number of vegan-friendly cities is on the rise.

Whether you’re craving vegan burgers in Vancouver or a creamy Thai curry in Melbourne, these plant-powered metropolises have got you covered.

Plant-Powered Metropolises

With a remarkable increase in vegan restaurants and options, cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam, and New York City are making a significant impact on the vegan scene. From vegan bakeries to vegan fine dining, these cities are not only catering to vegans but also encouraging non-vegans to explore the plant-based lifestyle.

Whether it’s a vegan pizza in Melbourne or a ‘fishless’ fish and chips in London, the culinary creativity in these cities is bound to impress even the most discerning foodie.

The Rise of Vegan Fine Dining

The days of vegan dining being limited to salads and smoothie bowls are long gone. Today, vegan fine dining is making a mark on the culinary scene, with fully vegan restaurants across the globe offering amazing vegan food in the form of innovative and delectable plant-based dishes. From Eleven Madison Park in New York to Fu He Hui in Shanghai, these restaurants are redefining vegan gastronomy by crafting dishes that are as visually stunning as they are delicious.

Sweet Havens for Vegan Treats

If you’re a dessert lover, cities such as Los Angeles and London will be your sweet havens. These cities are celebrated for their impressive selection of vegan desserts, from ice creams to pastries. In London, treat yourself to some vegan ice cream at Udderlicious or Bears Ice Cream Company.

Meanwhile, Melbourne offers a variety of vegan desserts, including baked goodies, gelato, and even vegan frozen yogurt to cool you down on a hot summer day.

The Best Vegan Cities on Each Continent

Cities on each continent are joining the vegan movement as it continues to gain momentum. From North America’s bustling metropolises to Asia’s vibrant cities, a vegan lifestyle is becoming more attainable and enjoyable, no matter where you are.

North America's Vegan Hotspots

Some of the world’s most vegan-friendly cities are located in North America. Here are a few examples:

  • New York City
  • Philadelphia
  • Chicago
  • Miami
  • Austin
  • San Francisco

Whether you’re craving a vegan doughnut in Portland or a plant-based burger in LA, these cities have got you covered.

Europe's Plant-Based Pioneers

With cities like Berlin and London leading the way, Europe’s vegan scene is thriving. Known for their diverse vegan offerings, these cities are a testament to the continent’s commitment to the plant-based lifestyle. Whether you’re craving a seven-course vegan meal in London or want to sample a variety of vegan dishes in Berlin, these cities are sure to satiate your plant-based cravings.

Asia's Vegan-Friendly Destinations

Destinations such as these top cities in the world:

  • Tel Aviv
  • Taipei
  • Singapore
  • Chiang Mai

Asia’s rise in vegan-friendly cities is contributing to the emergence of a new vegan friendly city, offering a multitude of plant-based culinary experiences. With a strong emphasis on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and diverse cuisine, these cities are a must-visit for any vegan traveler.

Whether you’re in the mood for vegan sushi rolls in Bangkok or a hearty plant-based meal in Singapore, these cities have it all.

Veggie Ventures Down Under

Cities such as Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and Melbourne are making strides in the vegan movement in Australia. From vegan-friendly restaurants to health food stores stocked with plant-based products, these cities are a vegan’s paradise.

Whether it’s a vegan burger in Melbourne or a gluten-free pizza in Sydney, you’re sure to find something to tickle your taste buds down under.

Niche Vegan Scenes: Unique Culinary Experiences Worldwide

A flourishing niche scene is emerging worldwide, in addition to the mainstream plant-based revolution. From traditional dishes being reimagined with a vegan twist to fusion and innovative vegan cuisine, the plant-based culinary experience is as diverse as it is delicious.

Fusion and Innovation: Cities Mixing It Up

By combining flavors from different cultures, cities such as Toronto and Amsterdam are pushing the boundaries of vegan cuisine. By integrating elements from various culinary traditions, these cities are able to offer a diverse array of plant-based dishes, making vegan dining an exciting gastronomic adventure.

Traditional Dishes Reimagined

Dishes from around the world are being given a new lease of life with a vegan twist. Cities like Madrid and Warsaw are breathing new life into traditional dishes by replacing animal-based ingredients with plant-based alternatives, creating a delicious vegan dish. From vegan Spanish tapas to plant-based Polish dumplings, these cities prove that you don’t have to compromise on taste or cultural authenticity to eat vegan.

From Fast-Casual to Gourmet: The Range of Vegan Dining

The vegan dining experience isn’t one-size-fits-all. From fast-casual eateries to gourmet restaurants, the range of vegan dining options is vast and varied. Whether you’re a foodie seeking a culinary adventure or simply looking for a quick bite, there’s a vegan dining experience to match your mood and appetite.

Street Eats and Vegan Beats

If you love to eat on the go, you’ll find a variety of delicious plant-based street food options in cities such as Mexico City and San Francisco. From vegan tacos in Mexico City to plant-based burgers in San Francisco, these cities are a testament to the fact that vegan food is not just healthy, but also flavorful and satisfying.

Casual Dining with a Conscience

In cities such as Chicago and Seattle, eateries not only offer delicious vegan fare but also commit to sustainable and ethical practices, making casual dining with a conscience a reality. Whether it’s sourcing local, organic ingredients or ensuring zero-waste practices, these cities are home to eateries that allow you to dine out guilt-free, including vegan Ethiopian restaurants.

Upscale Vegan Gastronomy

If you’re seeking a fine dining experience, cities such as Paris and New York are renowned for their upscale vegan gastronomy. These cities are home to gourmet restaurants that are pushing the envelope of vegan cuisine, crafting dishes that are visually stunning and delectably delicious.

Green Groceries: Shopping for Vegan Products in Urban Centers

To cater to the growing community of vegans, urban centers around the world are transforming into green groceries and stocking up on vegan products. Whether it’s a vegan cheese shop in London or a health food store in Los Angeles, shopping for vegan products is becoming easier and more accessible, thanks to the rise of vegan businesses.

Vegan Cheese Shops and More

Vegan cheese shops and specialty stores, specifically catering to the vegan community, can be found in cities such as London and Berlin. From artisanal vegan cheeses to an array of plant-based products, these shops are a vegan’s dream come true.

Health Food Havens

If you’re seeking healthy and organic vegan products, consider cities such as Los Angeles and Vancouver your go-to destinations. These health food havens offer a variety of vegan products, from fresh produce to plant-based meat alternatives.

Supermarkets Stepping Up

Supermarkets in cities such as Melbourne and Toronto are enhancing their vegan offerings, thereby making plant-based shopping more accessible. With dedicated sections for vegan products and an increasing variety of plant-based options, these supermarkets are making vegan shopping a breeze.

Vegan-Friendly Accommodations: Where to Stay as a Luxury Vegan Traveler

With cities worldwide offering luxury vegan-friendly accommodations, traveling as a vegan is no longer a challenge. From boutique hotels with vegan flair to eco-friendly stays, these accommodations ensure that your vegan lifestyle is catered to, even when you’re on vacation.

Luxury Boutique Hotels with Vegan Flair

Embracing the vegan movement, boutique hotels in cities such as Barcelona and Prague offer vegan-friendly amenities and dining options. These hotels not only provide a luxurious stay but also ensure that their offerings align with your ethical choices.

Eco-Friendly Stays for the Ethical Traveler

For the ethical traveler, eco-friendly stays are the perfect choice. Cities like Portland and Bristol offer sustainable and vegan-friendly accommodations, ensuring that your stay aligns with your commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Local Vegan Communities and Events: Celebrating Plant-Based Culture

The growth of the vegan movement relies heavily on building a sense of community. Local vegan communities and events play a crucial role in fostering a sense of belonging among vegans, celebrating plant-based culture, and raising awareness about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

Festivals and Fairs

Attending vegan festivals and fairs is an excellent opportunity to connect with the local vegan community, discover new plant-based products, and enjoy delicious vegan food.

Cities like London and Los Angeles host a variety of vegan festivals and fairs, offering a space for vegans to gather, connect, and celebrate their lifestyle.

Meetups and Social Groups

Vegans can connect, share experiences, and offer each other support through vegan meetups and social groups, which promote vegan friendliness. Cities like New York and Berlin have active vegan meetups and social groups, fostering a sense of community among vegans and offering a space for shared learning and engagement.

A New Epoch of Travel: Embracing Luxury Veganism in the World's Foremost Cities

From dining and shopping to accommodations and socializing, the global luxury vegan landscape is evolving, making vegan living easier and more enjoyable. As our exploration of the most vegan-friendly cities for luxury vegans in 2024 comes to a close, we are left with an inspiring vision of the future of travel. These cities, each with their unique charm and offerings, have set a new standard for what it means to travel luxuriously while adhering to vegan principles. They exemplify a world where ethical choices and opulent experiences coalesce, creating destinations that cater to every desire of the luxury vegan traveler. From innovative culinary adventures and sumptuous accommodations to exclusive, compassionate attractions, these cities prove that veganism can be seamlessly integrated into the world of luxury travel. As we reflect on these destinations, it becomes clear that the journey of a luxury vegan traveler is not just about the places we visit but also about the values we carry and the impact we make. These cities, leading the way in 2024, are not just destinations; they are beacons of a progressive, compassionate, and indulgent way of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What city has the most vegans?

Portland, Oregon has the highest percentage of vegans in the United States. It’s no surprise that it’s considered one of the most vegan-friendly cities.

Where is the best place for a vegan to live?

The best place for a vegan to live is in cities with a high per capita vegan-friendly rating.

What US state has the most vegans?

Nevada has the most vegans per capita of any state, with 942 per 1 million people.

What kind of vegan dishes can I find at upscale vegan restaurants?

At upscale vegan restaurants, you can find visually stunning and delicious dishes such as fungus-based creations and 3D printed steak. Enjoy exploring these unique options!

Are there vegan-friendly accommodations available for travelers?

Yes, cities worldwide offer vegan-friendly accommodations for travelers, including boutique hotels with vegan options and eco-friendly stays. Happy traveling!

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Discover a treasure trove of exquisite experiences, handpicked for the discerning ethical traveler. Dive into a world where luxury travel meets compassionate living. From serene vegan retreats in hidden corners of the world to eco-friendly luxury resorts that pamper your senses while protecting the planet, we offer an escape into the extraordinary. 


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